InfoLog’s New Product Introduction (NPI) Process. InfoLog has developed a NPI process to help customers bring their new product ideas to market quickly and efficiently. The process is based on years of experience working with new product prototypes and scaling them to production volumes.
The NPI process begins with a review of the customer’s design schematics. This helps to identify any potential issues early on, before the customer invests too much time and money into the project. If the customer needs assistance with the design schematics, InfoLog’s design engineers can collaborate with them to generate designs and PCB board layouts.
Once the design is finalized, InfoLog will review the bill of materials for completeness and accuracy. They will also check the obsolescence of parts and identify any long lead times. InfoLog will also analyze the supply chain and recommend alternate components if necessary.
Once the bill of materials is finalized, InfoLog will begin sourcing components and raw materials. Their purchasing specialists will work to ensure that all components are sourced in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
Once all of the components have been sourced, InfoLog will manage the project kick-off. This involves mobilizing the appropriate expertise and resources to drive the new project from start to finish.

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